Roles and responsibilities of a Cabin Crew

The most important responsibility of a flight attendant is to make sure her passengers are safe, then to assure they are feeling comfortable. Because Cabin Crew are considered the ambassadors of their airline companies, it is expected from them to have impeccable service and to have a friendly attitude, slightly approachable, natural enthusiasm and an immaculate image.

A flight attendant has multiple roles she/he has to fulfill during their flight, and the most known ones are:

Air hostess

Each cabin crew involves directly into the process of meeting and boarding the passengers, as well as taking them to their places at First Class or Business Class, and also in disembarking them.


Flight attendants take care of unaccompanied minors. The Etihad Airways company has a special training called Flying Nanny, and for the most important flights they are allocating a flight attendant who takes care and plays with the children in the plane.


Each cabin crew has the role of a nurse which offers first aid to passengers in case of any medical problem.


Besides serving food and beverage, Cabin Crew are also serving goods from duty-free having, therefore, the role of a sales agent.


The flight attendant must write the written documentation with the details about all the incidents happened during the flight and more others like: papers for catering, duty free service, passengers feedback, usage of medical tools, if there were any delays and what was the cause of it.

The person who makes sure the passengers are travelling safely

The cabin crew can encounter situations like fire in the cabin, force landing, deviation from the initial itinerary, terrorist attacks and situations which need their unconditionally first aid support. In these cases, they must be sure that the passengers are following the rules strictly or the procedures imposed by the Civil Aeronautics Authority.

After you have been recruited as Cabin Crew, you will have to go through a training period between 6 – 8  weeks in which you will learn: Safety Measures and Urgent Procedures, Measure and Procedures of Security, First Aid and Human Resource Management.

After you graduate your training, you will be in probation for approximately 6 months, time in which your performance will be evaluated periodically by the line manager and other superiors, but also by trainers. Every 12 months the flight attendant will have a reexamination of their knowledge in order to renew their flight license.

Therefore, Cabin Crew can face multiple situations, not at all normal, for which is mandatory to have some qualities like diplomacy, team spirit, initiative, power of adaptation and organization.

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