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Bucharest, Romania

1st – 3rd March



If you want to work as a VIP Flight Attendant and join the exclusive private aviation sector, the Corporate Cabin Crew Training – Silver Service and Etiquette is ideal for you. You have the chance to learn the steps to take in order to become corporate cabin crew and how to provide exceptional customer service and impress your guests on board.

This course specifically caters to the needs of the private aviation industry and is ideal for commercial Flight Attendants looking to make the transition into the world of business aviation or existing Corporate Flight Attendants wishing to brush up on their inflight skills.

The programme consists of two modules which are essential to those aspiring to a VIP / Corporate Flight Attendant career, namely:

  • How to pass the interview and get hired by a private aviation company
  • The responsibilities of a successful VIP / Corporate Flight Attendant and the professional experience improvement

Our unique 4 day interactive course gives you insight into what is required to work as VIP Flight Attendant and deliver exceptional, five star personalised service that passengers will always remember. You will be prepared by 3 professionals trainers with broad experience in corporate aviation, hospitality and food & beverage industry.


This course will let you understand the mechanism of the interview and how corporate flight attendants are recruited. The trainer will teach you how to successfully pass the whole process.

During the course, we take care of the professional photos you need for the interview and review each student’s CV, so that everything is in accordance with private aviation’s requirements.


The course is focusing on the important aspects, the responsibilities, the skills and the resources of a VIP / Corporate Flight Attendant. The trainer is offering a complete practical instruction, covering all the job requirements, including the notion of inflight service and counseling on the way you gain access to private aviation world.

This course is also about the aircraft management, the cultural label and the VIP service. It introduces you into the world of gourmet products, of wines and champagne, together with other specific alcoholic beverages, highlighting the right way of serving and presenting to passengers.

Completing this course will help you to continue your professional development and career progression. You will become more knowledgeable and gain an invaluable understanding of VIP passengers needs and learn how to make a guest feel special by going above and beyond of what is expected.


STEP 1: Register yourself. Complete the participation form in order to register. You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly.


STEP 2: After you fill in the form, you can pay online

Early booking: 500 EUR – if you book your place before January 25 you will get a special price.

Full price: 600 EUR – if you book your place after January 25 .

You can book your place by paying EUR 300 as deposit. The rest of the participation fee will be paid on the first day of the course.

KEEP IN MIND: The 300 EUR deposit provides the guarantee that your reserved place will be kept for you until the course begins. If you can no longer reach the event, for various reasons, the deposit is reported to the next course you join.


Here you have a direct link to our online payment page where you will be able to make a secure credit card payment.

Click the Pay Now button, fill out the appropriate details and continue to pay online.

Once we have received the payment, we will send you a confirmation email that you have been accepted on the course.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the cabin crew job or our preparation courses. Get in touch with us at wings@howtobecabincrew.com. We’ll do our best to reply within 48 hours.

STEP 3: Participate. Once the payment has been done, you will receive an e-mail confirming your place. We will soon meet at the course.

STEP 4: Fly! You will leave the course ready to start your career in the most exclusive sector of the aviation industry.

  • Introduction to the private aviation industry
  • The role and responsibilities of a Corporate Flight Attendant
  • First impression and grooming
  • Customer Profiles
  • Cultural awareness
  • Aircraft management
  • Galley organisiation
  • Trip planning
  • Cabin Preparation ideas to impress
  • All about catering
  • Ordering catering and menu planning
  • The art of setting the table
  • Creative menu writing
  • The dining experience
  • Culinary specialities
  • Food presentation techniques
  • Garnishing and food plating
  • Spirits and cocktail garnishes
  • Wines and champagne experience
  • Hands on training and wine description by a wine expert
  • Wine and food pairing
  • Customer protocol
  • Corporate etiquette
  • Career progression
  • Professional photos
  • Recap
  • Feedback