This Christmas, we’re sharing good thoughts to all corners of the world!

What does a Cabin Crew feel when flying? Freedom, happiness, friendship, gratitude? Once you have stepped on board in an impeccable uniform means you have fallen in love. The best part is that aviation will never leave you and will always by your side.

Now comes a harder question. What does a Cabin Crew feel when flying on Christmas day? A huge emptiness in the soul caused by the absence of family and friends. No matter how amazing the big cities are, home is the place where your thoughts fly most often, especially when December is coming, you appreciate more and more what you had back home.

In Dubai, Doha, London or Paris, children do not go from door to door to sing carols. You hear Christmas songs only on shopping malls in other languages that you mother tongue. Your grandma is not baking sweets, your father is not preparing mouth-watering meat and the mulled wine doesn’t have the same taste. Actually, all of these are happening, but really far far away. Of course, among Cabin Crew are those lucky flight attendants who have free days during Christmas Holidays and get to feel these in person. Even though we’re far, we respect our countries’ traditions with joy in our soul.

Christmas onboard is amazing! Passengers become your second home. They need all your warmth and you, as a Cabin Crew, have to offer everything in the right way. Often onboard you’ll hear Christmas Carols, you’ll dring hot cinnamon tea and the most inventive ones bring with them Santa hats, gingerbread and chocolate.

Let’s just look at the bright side: onboard you can celebrate New Year’s Day each time you are above a country in which the time zone shows 00:00. The longer the destination is, the more wishes you can make, be closer to fireworks and also offer passengers lots of champagne glasses.

On one hand, as cabin crew you make lots of sacrifices, but on the other hand, you gain new experiences which you’ll remember years after years and will make you feel proud. You build lots of friendships, you share common ideas, you laugh at the same jokes with your colleagues,  these are small things that make a flight attendant’s life rich. The most important thing learnt as a cabin crew is that time is not measured in hours, but memories. When you come back home after your aviation career ended, you realize distance hasn’t changed your relationships from home. Grandma’s still baking sweets, you still decorate the Christmas tree along with your family.

Give the others what you have in your soul is one of the virtues that make people superheroes. Aviation is the place where you feel these things. You cand easily call it “home” and keep it in your soul for the rest of your life. When you’ll want to rewind time, you’ll have your memories right there, waiting for you.

Place your wish under the tree and if it’s strong enough, it will catch wings sooner than you think.

How to be Cabin Crew team wishes you Happy Holidays wherever you are! Fully enjoy every moment because each individual’s happiness only depends on themselves!

*All the pictures in this article are of our students’ who now follow their dreams in the clouds.

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